Dear Secret Hair Studio Family,

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. It is important to remember we’re all in this together so please continue to be kind to one another. We have come so far this past two years and we are hopefully that we are close to putting the most challenging times behind us.

Our industry is rapidly changing, and we are adapting to what that will look like. We wanted to share with you safety procedures we have developed. These may need to be amended due to pending guidelines from state officials but should give you a better idea of the new salon environment.

          When booking an appointment understand that most clients are in the habit of pre-booking. Please realize we can't rush or squeeze people in. Safety is our number one priority. This also means that the cancellation policy is now back. Please be respectful and cancel at least 24-48 hours in advance to allow for the opportunity of other clients. If you can't get a priority spot please let us know if you would like to be added to our ongoing cancellation list. 

·         Upon arrival, you may wait in you car and text us at (203) 518-4702 or you can walk in. We are trying to limit overcrowding in the studio so your experience is more enjoyable. We do have a receptionist if you need to contact us about your appointment, Thank you for your understanding. 

·         We will no longer be taking temperature as you enter the studio. We ask you to use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands when entering the studio. Your stylist will do the same.

·         If you’ve been sick within the last 10 days before your appointment, please reschedule in a timely manner.

          If you have a pending COVID test and don't have the results, please, don't put us at risk. We will reschedule you as soon as we can. 

·         Be assured our team will be cleaning and sanitizing consistently to assure your safety as well as ours.  Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your appointment.  We want to accommodate everyone as safely and efficiently as possible. 

·         Masks are now OPTIONAL. It's mutual respect. If we see you with one we will put one on, and if not each stylist will ask if you're comfortable with us not wearing one. 

            Products can also be purchased however, mention to your stylist what we can grab you so you know the bottles are sanitized and handled with love. Shopping local is so important to our small business and we appreciate every single purchase you make. 

            Lastly, but most important, your stylist and support staff have been working hard through these last months. They've been following new education videos, making tutorials and all became Barbicide & COVID-19 Safety certified. We know that safety is number one in this moment. Which is why we want to ensure you we are taking drastic matters for all our clientele to feel safe returning back to our home again. 

             If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of our staff. 

These policies may be subject to change due to guidelines. We watch every day to see possible updates within our state, county, and local authorities

Updated March 30, 2022

 We look forward to seeing you all real soon! Please be safe, healthy and remain hopeful for a better tomorrow!