Julie's friends and family will tell you there were signed shed be a hairdresser early on. She would go around asking her cousins if she could braid or curl their hair at family parties. She would wash her Barbie's hair in the sink and give them trims. She was designated hair and makeup artist for her cheer team. Halfway through college she decided it was time to make her dream a reality and turn her secret passion into a career. Hairdressing school is where she finally found herself and working at The Secret Hair Studio is a dream come true. She gets to do everything she's ever dreamed of and more, alongside truly passionate and talented hairdressers who inspire her to be the best she can be. "I feel so blessed to have found a place where I can have creative freedom, and amazing mentors to encourage and teach me. I absolutely LOVE the clientele and the family oriented vibe of our beautiful salon."


Favorite Bb Product: Does-it-all Hairspray "This is my go to finishing spray because it provides a workable hold, that won't weigh your hair down or make it stiff, and it smells great! I use it whenever I curl or blow out my hair. It is a must have."


Fun fact: I worked at Walt Disney World for a semester in college and I am a total DisNerd! =)