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Name: Mady
Bio: The beauty industry was something that always has intrigued me. I remember going to the salon with my mom as a little girl and always asking questions. So it was very full circle when I dropped out of college and went to cosmetology school. That was in 2017 and  I never looked back! Finally finding a salon where I fit in and I feel  I can provide a creative and inclusive space for my clients is so exciting!! I look forward to growing and learning at the Secret Hair Studio
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Favorite food: Chicken parm
Favorite drink: Diet Coke
Hobbies: reading and listening to true crime podcasts 
Favorite thing with hair: lived in color and vivids!
Favorite Product: Oribe hair alchemy treatment it’s the absolute best it helps rebuild the hair and acts as heat protection 
Fun fact: I’ve been in a shark cage before! It was truly a life changing experience 
Top 2 love languages: Words of affirmation and quality time


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